About VOIR


Coastlines That
Tell a Story

After countless trips through european coastlines, iconic beach bars and exclusive clubs, we were determined to capture all that nostalgia and euphoria within this unique blend.
Our spirit is hand crafted by experts that have over 50 years of experience, alongside feedback from friends and family all over the globe.
We have created the ultimate tasting vodka based spirit with the vision of replicating the feeling of pure happiness during some of the best moments of our lives in paradise.


The Innovative Way to Drink Vodka

Voir Vodka is perfect for any occasion, whether you're enjoying a warm summers day on the beach, celebrating a special event or a night in with friends.
The choice to uniquely blend natural blueberry flavouring and vodka will sway you to have voir vodka at every soiree, gathering and party.
As soon as our luxurious glass cork closure is opened, the auroma that fills the room is blissful.
Every sip is a delightful reminder of good times with great company.
We hope you enjoy every drop as much as we do.